Current Site Activity

Demolition Process & Procedures

The remedial site investigation is ongoing under the direction of the project LSRP with strict adherence to all NJDEP guidelines and best practices. Hilco Redevelopment Partners and its union labor force have commenced demolition and remediation of the Mercer Station property.

Prior to any demolition activity, our team conducts a thorough walkthrough and completes an evaluation of the structures to confirm all appropriate measures have been taken and the area is ready for demolition. The team also evaluates each aperture, or ground opening, to determine which dust management system(s) will be best suited for the area.

Dust control, mitigation, and management are critical areas of focus during all onsite demolition activity and we prioritize these efforts to provide a safe working environment for onsite workers and the local community. With this project, we leverage a variety of watering techniques for our dust control and mitigation efforts including water trucks, water cannons, direct-drive misting systems, selective interior demolition and weather monitoring, among others.

We will follow the same careful consideration during the construction process with dust management evaluated, planned and executed by way of water truck, off-road water carrier and soil management.

Demolition Status Update: August 07, 2019

  • The site will be demolished in phases as shown in the exhibit below
    • Abatement is approximately 20% complete for the entire site
    • Demolition is approximately 5% complete for Phase 1
  • A certification of the soil erosion and sediment control plan from Mercer County for demolition activities has been issued
  • The demo contractor has completed 85% of universal waste cleanup throughout the site
    • Universal waste includes but is not limited to the safe removal of items in the buildings such as light bulbs, ballasts, exit signs, egress lighting, batteries, electronic waste, fire extinguishers, equipment transformers, thermostats, left over cleaning and janitorial supplies, and recovery of CFCs/HVAC gases